Find the most efficient route with Routetitan

Our partner Routetitan has built an integration with Rentman, that allows you to easily get all relevant Rentman-Data (Projects, Transport functions, Location) into their system, for further processing.


What is Routetitan?

Routetitan is a software program that helps you to plan the best and most efficient way to each (sub)project location, where a transport or delivery is needed. Additionally, you can send the route to your driver, can use GPS tracking, and have access to other features as well. If you would like to learn more about Routetitan, please visit their website.

Please note that Rentman's Support team is not trained to use Routetitan and is not aware of the many possibilities available. Should you have any questions related to using Routetitan, please contact the Routetitan Support team for assistance.

Why should you use this integration?

Planning and keeping track of multiple deliveries happening on the same day can be time-consuming and prone to errors. By connecting Rentman to Routetitan, you can easily select Rentman projects and export their locations as stops inside Routetitan projects. Once that is done, vehicles can be activated and routes optimized.

How to set up the integration with Routetitan

The integration between Rentman and Routetitan must be established within your Routetitan account. 

  1. In your Rentman account, obtain your API key (also called API token)
  2. Within the Routetitan account, go to Apps
  3. Click on Rentman -> Connect
  4. Paste your Rentman API key (token)
  5. Routetitan is now connected to your Rentman account – You can now find a new “Rentman” button in your Routetitan menu


Help with the integration

Should you require help with connecting Rentman to your Routetitan account, please contact Routetitan Support directly. We cannot assist with the integration, since the link must be established within Routetitan. 

Should you encounter any problems while attempting to obtain your API Token within Rentman, please contact us at

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