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The Community is a free place to talk and inspire others. Like helpful contributions and comments of other users. Replying to posts is always a good way to develop an idea!

Keep things tidy

Always remember to search before you post.
As our Community grows, chances are that another user has already contributed a similar tip or started a similar discussion. Have a look at other posts, and make sure to like and comment on interesting discussions.

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We value positive contributions to our Community. When you contribute to a discussion or reply to another user, do so in a helpful manner. This way, we make sure that our Community topic stays a constructive and helpful place for everyone.

Other rules to remember:

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  • Don’t take a post in a totally different direction.
  • Don’t sign your posts — every post has your profile information attached to it.

Have fun!

Given all of the above, this is supposed to be a place to have fun with other Rentman users. Be curious, experiment, share ideas, and take the time to brighten someone’s day.



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