RDIF and SCAN - Scanning multiple articles onto one Tag or Code

What I would like to see?

I´d like to see, that while scanning, you are able to scan a Tag, say an RFID Tag No. 0815. After that, you can choose to scan everything onto that special Tag. The big benefit is, when you scan, what is at the location, you can scan the Tag No. 0815 and everything scanned onto this tag is directly booked to the location. 

Why would I like to see this?

We do have a problem scanning Materials containing Metal like Iron, Aluminium, Copper, etc. Whenever an article like this should be scanned, the scanner is unable to recognize the tag directly on the article. Therefore my idea is to put everything into boxes and label these. Then you can scan the box, put everything in it while using a Code and when you transfer to the location you just have to scan the box.

How would others benefit?

I do not think, we are to only ones having this problem of being unable to read some tags. It also does not have to be a standalone version, why not keep the old one, for those not having problems. That way no one would take harm.



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  • I´d like to mention, that this is not a wish, we want to see in the near future, but more like a hint to what I think RentMan could become.

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