How it would be better to arrange? Question about equipment tracking.

The problem is follow:
For example, we have a couple of rack-cases (different s/n an qr) with three amplifiers (also different s/n and qr), and we have four boxes (one QR code for all) with three speakers in each (also different s/n and qr). During dismount speakers could be packed in different boxes, so we don't care which speaker in which box. On the other hand, the rack-case composition couldn't change.
Our aim is to track equipment in different situations:
- Dry hire. Here we want to exactly know which item leaves the warehouse. So, we will open each box and case and scan each item's QR code. (or probably use rf-id)
- Rental with turn key service. Here, our employees will control equipment, so it's not necessary to know exactly which serial numbers of speakers leaves the warehouse, and we can book it using QR-code on box.
So, if in Rentman database we have 12 pieces of speakers combined in 4 boxes (cases), it would not be possible to book each speaker separately, one by one, for dry hire... Warehouse module will throw a mistake...
Should we make doubled database - part with items combined in cases and part with same equipment, but not combined in cases?
Obviously, here we will get a strange situation: if all speaker-cases would leave the warehouse it still would be possible to book out some speakers separately, but indeed there will be no more speakers in the warehouse.



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    Hi Guys, 

    First of thank you for your advice Nicolas! And thank you for explaining in detail what your problem is Nicolas. 

    From what I gather you are looking for some way to have flexible cases when your serial numbers return in a different flight case.

    Currently, we do not really have a good workaround for this, a part from what Nicolas suggested! But it's something we are aware of and are working on improving this problem. 

    Our idea for this topic is as follows: 

    Do you see the need for support of flexible items (containers) that can contain serial numbers until they are removed or moved into another container? This can be achieved during scanning in the warehouse or during inventory checks.

    This would solve problems for real life containers (flight cases) that contain different serial numbers at any moment in time. The current system of fixed cases and (virtual) kits does not cover this.

    You can find this topic on our public road map. 

    I will also go ahead and forward all your input to the product team so that they can take your feedback & problems into consideration!

    Do you think this topic would solve your problems?  

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  • I have similar issues, would like to see how Rent man can make this work.

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  • I also trying to find a way to do this...

    Example : We have moving heads cased by 4. Sometimes we need 6 moving heads for a project.
    We use QR Codes, so I want to be able to scan a flight case and know which moving head is where (with their SN, to track the history of each projector). We always try to put the same equipments into the same flight case, what may take time on location but seems to be the only way to track what's inside the case.
    Based on this, the "case" seems to be the right way to do it... But, with cases we are stuck with 8 moving head on the project as we only need 6... We sometimes remove 2 items from the case (to have the 6 pieces needed) and those 2 may be used on another project needing for example also 6 moving heads (so they need to stay available).

    So I tried the "kit" instead of the case, but you can't have a SN number for a kit, si it's not possible to put a QR Code on the flight case to track the case and what's inside...
    It's also not possible to put "0.5" as quantity for a case, as this could also be a solution.

    For now, the only way I see is to put 4 QR codes on each flight case, leave the moving heads as articles and scan each time the 4 codes on each flight case...
    The right way should be to have "windows" on the flight case to be able to scan what's inside, removing this way the need of putting each item back in the right case... But that's not really realistic for us... should have done this earlier ;-).

    Should it be possible, for example, to have a new "type" of equipment that could be something between case and kit : It could have a SN (and so a unique QR Code), linked to the unique QR Codes for his content, like the actual "Case", but will not remove the availability of the "articles" being inside this case until this" case2.0" is scanned? (like the actual kit that leaves for example the 4 moving heads available as single article until I book the kit of four...).
    This way, we would be able to create those "case2.0", hide them from the planification, use only the single "articles" when creating a quote, but our crew could scan this "case2.0" to book 4 moving heads at once (So this QR code generates automatically the "scan" of the 4 QR codes included in the case) and scan two extra "solo" articles to have the 6 items booked.

    Is this a stupid idea or should it helps? ;-)
    Or is there another work around?


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  • Hi Lauren,

    Thanks for your reply. The "container" seems to be a really good way to let us create "packages" of multiple items without having them stuck in a fixed case, but still with a QR Code on the container, linked to the QR Codes of the items being into the container.

    Also, it would be nice if the "container" was able to "pick" the informations like "power" or "weight" from the items and make the "sum" automatically (and, why not having an extra field where we can put the weight of the container itself). 

    Thanks for forwarding everything to the product team ;-), because we are really getting crazy trying to find workarounds...

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