Suggestions for multiple warehouses

I know its not currently in Rentman, but maybe some other users have set up some other solution for their multiple warehouses in Rentman? 

Any suggestions? 



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    Hi Chris! 

    You are correct we are working hard on this! 


    Workaround number 1:

    For this workaround, you would need to have two separate Rentman workspaces, one per warehouse. Once you have set that up, you can subrent your equipment between one workspace and the other as needed - having both workspaces on Rentman allows you to directly send digital subrent requests between accounts, which make the entire process easier.

    You can read more on subrents on this article:
    And on how to send a digital subrental request to another Rentman workspace here: 500-576-5645

    Workaround number 2:
    This second workaround can instead be done on a single workspace (Which is what Ciaran suggested). You could create two mirror folder structures, in which the same folders are present in two separate root folders: one for Warehouse A and one for Warehouse B. I would also advise that you use tags as well.

    All equipment from Warehouse A will get a specific tag and all equipment from Warehouse B will get another one. This way, it will be easier to find them when comes the time to schedule them on projects.

    You can then normally book your equipment, only making sure to move your equipment from the folder Warehouse A to B if the item is moved somewhat permanently to that warehouse, and to update the corresponding tag. Instead, in cases where the item is only momentarily in a different warehouse from that where it normally resides, you can indicate this directly during the booking of the equipment by attaching a note to it.

    You can read more about folder structure here:
    And about notes here:

    Hope this helps! 

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  • What are the limitations of having parent folders in your equipment database as Warehouses?


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  • All clear. Thanks. 

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