Assigning specific serial numbers to kits

Is there a way to assign a specific serial number to a kit so that only a particular item can go with a particular item? I don't think that makes sense written like that so I'll provide an example...


Behringer X32 "Kit" Contents:

Behringer X32 (SN 1234)

Wireless Network Router (SN 5678)

iPad (SN 9012)


Although we have countless routers and multiple iPads, I know that this specific router and this specific iPad are configured to work with this specific console. Currently, when scanning out a kit, I am able to scan any router and any iPad, regardless. I would rather not create a whole new "item" in inventory for every router configuration or iPad configuration, since "technically" they are interchangeable and are the same thing. I would rather the specific iPad and router combo go with a specific console. I also don't want to create this as a "case" because I want to be sure that each item has been scanned and if we were in a real pinch, we can re-configured another iPad / router combo to be shipped as an alternative. 


I apologize if this has been asked and answered.



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    Hi Cameron, 

    That's a good question, and it's something we hear quite often. 

    Ciaran is correct, unfortunately currently the only way is to enforce specific serial numbers to a container is by creating a case. We are currently working hard on a functionality that will solve this issue you are having! It's called flexible packaging and containers and you can find more information about it on our public roadmap

    I do like Ciaran's suggestion, and it might be a good temporary solve for you?  

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  • I don't believe there is as you cannot assign a serial number when adding content to kits.

    But I do have a workaround I have used for a similar example.

    I have an equipment folder called Notices.

    I use this to add notes or warnings to kits. I add these to kits as an accessory.

    You could do the same and add a notice with this kit telling the user to assign these specific serial numbers when they add the kit to a project.


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