Gels, haze fluids etc. in inventory


I am looking for ideas and good practices how to put filter gels, hazer fluids, CO2 and similar stuff  into warehouse inventory. How have people managed this? 

I would be happy if I had even a rough idea how much of which gel we have. Appr. 1/4 roll could be estimated by anyone. This accuracy would be enough for us. I guess. No one can keep up with every centimeter. The same goes with smoke/haze fluids and CO2.

I figured out that fractions and decimals are not allowed in Rentman. 

Thank you in advance for any input.



  • Hi, 

    we do have the same Problem. I would like to see something like consumables as a Material Type, that allows decimals 

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  • Hi Tatu,

    At this moment adding the consumables as sales items is the way to go. You can add them and track the inventory of them.

    From most users I know they simply only check the whole units and make an estimation in case there are decimals. Nobody is going to roll out a roll of Gaffa tape to see how much meter you have left so simply estimating it on wholes is the way most users handle this.

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  • Hi Pim,

    Of course no one rolls out gaffa to be exact. 

    As I wrote in the first place an estimate of 1/4 roll accuracy would be enough for us. But at the moment anything starting with 0, is going to be 0. Yes we could estimate that as meters (or litres in case of e.g. haze fluid) but it would need everyone to know the size of the package. And lead to confusions: if there is 30 l of Unique haze fluid - how many cans of it do we have? Is it 3 pcs 10 l cans which we cannot take with us (does not fit the tray) or 10 pcs 3 l cans? Or maybe 20 pcs half used cans?

    I do not know how long is the tape in a "standard" gaffa roll. And I don't want to know. I know that x many rolls needs to be taken to a certain size of a gig. And some will come back. In case of gaffa and electrical tape we are not even interested in the returning opened rolls but haze fluid and color gels are a different thing.

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  • This is a thing, I would like to see how this works out. 

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