Tracking what serialized equipment is inside of a kit

Is it possible to track which serial numbered items are inside of a kit?

For example:

I have multiple uniquely identified road-cases(kits) each of which contains 2 speakers.

When I scan speakers into the kit I would like to know that those specific serial numbers are inside of that case.

When I scan a kit out of the warehouse I would like to know precisely which speakers have gone to that location. If I sent 4 speakers to site inside of 2 kits it is unlikely that the same 2 speakers would come back in the same kit so we would want to rebuild the kit as it is scanned back into the warehouse to update the serial numbers stored inside.


Is this something that can be done in Rentman?

Please let me know if you would like me to clarify further.





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  • Hi Jon,

    At this moment this is not possible in Rentman.

    We do understand the user case (thanks for the clear description) and why it would be helpful. We have heard the user case and wish before and have thought about how to add this. We do think we will add functionality for this in the future. It is not planned on the road map yet.

    I checked the wish list for you and if I am correct this wish is not in there yet, so you could add this wish.

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