Best practice for equipment being lost or sold from inventory?

What do you suggest to be the best practice to handle inventory items (equipment) when they are lost, broken, sold or some other way not availble anymore?

Broken items can be a result of maintenance/repair deciding it is not useful to repair.

Sometimes items just disappear.

And some equipment start a new life with a new owner sometimes.

How tp handle these? Deleting them is not a good idea since we would like to have their history. 



  • Hi Tatu,

    Good questions. Let me break it down per scenario.

    Your equipment comes back from a project and it turns out to be broken
    The warehouse module in Rentman gives you the ability to track your equipment during your projects. It provides you an overview of projects that need to be prepared for, are coming back, or should have been returned already. Equipment can be booked per project and scanned to carry different statuses so that it's clear where the equipment currently is.

    When booking back your equipment you discover that an item is broken. In the book equipment section of the project in the warehouse module, you can now mark the item as defect/broken. You do this by clicking on the defect button of the item. You now get a screen to determine if the item is still usable or not and if you want to charge the client. Then, a repair will be created in the maintenace module for the item.

    In case the equipment cannot be repaired, you have a couple of options to subtract it from your stock.

    - Item with serial number:
    If the item is serialized, you can put the serial number on inactive in the settings of the serial number. This way you are able to save the history of the serial number, but you will not be able to plan the serial number anymore.

    - Item without serial number:
    If the item is not serialized, you will need to manually lower your stock amount. You can use the note section of the item to state that you lowered your stock due to an item that could not be repaired.

    - Repair without end date:
    It is also an option to leave the end date of the repair open. During this time your serial number will not be available and the stock amount of the item will be lowered.

    Your equipment gets lost during a project
    When you discover that not all items came back from the project, you can mark items as lost when booking them back in the warehouse module. You do this by clicking on the lost button of the item in book equipment screen of the warehouse module. After marking an item as lost you get a screen to determine if you want to charge the client for the lost item. In the lost equipment tab of the maintenance module you find a list of all items that have been marked as lost.

    After marking the item as lost, it is subtracted from the stock of that item.

    You want to sell an item that was previously a rental item
    The easiest way to manage this is to duplicate the rental item and change the item from being a rental item to a sale item. You now manually decrease the stock amount of the rental item with the amount you are selling. After setting this up, you book the newly created sale item on a project.

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  • Thank you Thom!

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  • Hi Tatu,
    Great question. Thank you Thom for jumping in with an explanation from our side. I would like to add two things to this explanation:

    You sold the full quantity of an equipment item and do not want it in your database anymore
    We are adding a archive functionality here. When archiving an equipment item it will stay in your past projects (this will keep the prices correct of your past projects) but it will not be in your normal equipment list anymore.

    You want to know what changed in the past regarding the stock quantity of an item
    For now adding a note to the item with an explanation of what changed is the way to keep track. We will add an inventory history in the future to be able to see what changed in the past automatically.

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  • My question is that we have items in house, and we want to sell one off as damaged to a client.  I don't see a way to do this, would make sense to have an option on an inventory item to "invoice for, or sell off".  Do you have a process recommended for this option?  How do you sell of inventory when it s not on a contract?

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  • Hi Srampersad,
    Thank you for your comment.

    At the moment it is not possible to automatically sell a rental item. We have received this request in the past, but the development of this feature is not planned at the moment. I just want to assure you that we keep a record of the requests, so your comment might help increase the priority of this feature.

    In the meantime, if you want to sell a rental item you can follow this workaround:

    1) Open the serial number you want to sell, and uncheck the "active" checkbox. If you are not using serial numbers, manually edit the quantity of the item.
    2) Select the item in the Equipment module, click More options (...), and choose Duplicate.
    3) Set the duplicate item as a sale item.
    4) Add the sale item to the project.

    If you need more help, don't hesitate to contact us at!

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  • This process does not seem to work when using cases., as well as some of the "parts" in the case were not lost.  An explanation on how to process is needed very urgently for us.  I need to charge a client for some lost pieces, which are in Rentman as "cases" and need to be separated out and charged for.

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