How to handle "Do not invoice" projects

I run across many situations where the boss tells me to give away a project, or where we have reserved equipment for an internal project.  What is the best way to get these non-billable events to stop showing up in the To-Be-Invoiced tab, and keep them from affecting my sales report numbers?



  • I'm not sure what it's called in your translation, but in the to be invoiced tab you can select the line you want to dissappear and choose:
    - ... More options
    -  Invoice externally / Billed external (or something like that)

    Then the selected line has  disappeared to invoice

    In order not to influence your sales statistics, you have to ensure that your projects are free of charge

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  • The option to not show up in to be invoiced is already there.

    Open up a project and if you have the subprojects tab open, there are two dots beside the name of the subproject.

    The orange one indicates that it will be invoiced (show in financial overview). Click the small arrow and untick this option.

    You could create a template call 'Internal' or 'Not To Be Invoiced'  and save it with this option already selected.



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