Is there a way to see the schedules of all my crew on a given day?

as a manager, often i am not on site when i get a call for assistance, but it's difficult for me to see which crew can be delegated to assist because i can't see what they are doing. their tasks are in their schedule only, but it would be great to get a birds eye view of all resources as a manager. 

the workaround would be assign all tasks to myself as well a crew person but that seems very cumbersome.

any thoughts or ideas on how to implement?





  • or even a way to add other people's 'my schedule' in the rentman app so that i can see their day like i can on the web app

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  • I would also be interedted in a solution.

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  • Why doesn't the crew planner work for you?

    Use a tablet when onsite and the web version of Rentman and you have an overview of everyone with the crew planner.

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  • yes... the web version on my phone is almost adequate in a pinch .. i was referring to the standalone app, which curiously lacks this feature.. anyway, making do for now.

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