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Our company is still new at Rentman and we have not made the changeover yet.  There is much to configure!

What I am trying to understand is how Rentman handles services provided to a client.  I can't seem to figure out how to add something like Post-Production Video Editing.  It would be like a piece of equipment from an inventory stance, but it would be billed more like crew (hourly/flat rate).  We also charge for Production Coordination which time spent pulling the show together.  These are just a couple of the many services we provide and ultimately need to bill a client with a clear line item on the invoice.

What I would like is to add a service to a project and have it follow time like crew would or enter a fixed bill rate.  I don't see a direct way to do this in Rentman either because it doesn't handle this or I'm using the wrong terminology.  If Rentamn doesn't handle these "services", how are other companies working around this?

Am I missing something or how are other companies billing for services?

Thanks, Mike



  • Billable hours is a big wish from our company, and I think we are not the only one. Right now, you kind of have to plan beforehand how many hours will be spend, but in 80% of the gigs we do, the client is billed by the hour, depending on what they want, and they decide along the way if they want more or less.

    For your situation right now, I would put it under crew or additional costs I think.






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  • I have gotten in the habit of "scheduling" these tasks as crew events and just billing whatever was quoted.  You can also override the hourly rate and put in a flat rate for an individual line item, so you could just charge $1,000 to have a dedicated project manager or video editor, and not need to associate it to a time.

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