Welcome to the API discussion board

Let’s talk about the Public API

Upon popular request, we built and released a Rentman Public API!

In short, an API or Application Programming Interface is a bridge into an application’s data. Our Public API is a 2-way street that allows you to retrieve data (mainly) but also to write some data back.

For the exact capabilities of the Public API, read our documentation. For some help setting things up, check our support article.

Share your ideas and successes 📢

The Community is a place for Rentman users to help and inspire each other to run their company in the best possible way.

When it comes to the Public API, it is interesting to know:

  • What integrations did you build?
  • What are you planning on setting up?
  • What other useful or fun implementations can you think of?
  • Ask other users' advice.

Our Support team will moderate the community but we will not answer every post.

The small prints

This is not an area designated to bug reports or feature requests. For bug reports and questions, please email or call Support. For everything related to new features, visit our Public Roadmap.

The Rentman team will moderate the community and will also post on topics where we feel our input is helpful but we will not answer every post. You can identify a Rentman staff member by the special badge 🎓.

A few quick rules to keep this place running smoothly:

  • Write in English - we have users worldwide, English allows for more people to participate in the discussion.
  • Stay constructive and polite - seems obvious, but no harm in repeating that one.
  • Sharing is caring - be curious, share ideas, share your knowledge, and maybe even brighten another user’s day (and ours 😃).


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