Information messages for crew members.

I faced a problem:
We have a project, with "confirmed" status and crew already planned (so, everybody who take a part in the project received notifications and could see their functions in their calendars).
Unfortunately, manager brings news that this project is cancelled now (no matter why). So, project status turned into "cancelled" and the Rentman shows notification like: "press here to delete all planned persons and transport".
That's great, that it is possible to delete all plannings with one move, but crew members will not receive any notification that project is cancelled - that is my problem, I want to discuss.

On the other hand, some times in such situations we have a possibility to rearrange our schedule and assign crew members from cancelled project to other projects (also, sometimes we make some rearrangement between active projects).

Guess, that the easiest decision for such cases could be following:
- before pushing "delete all planned crew and transport" (or before delete someone from one project to rearrange him to another project) send the information message with one button like "Ok, I understood", but for now the Rentman doesn't have a notification type with only one button.

Maybe someone has the same cases, please share how you solve it?
And question for the Rentman team: is it possible to add something like notification messages, to have a possibility to inform crew member about some company news, or changes in schedule?



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  • Hi Vladimir,

    I see you would like your crew to be notified when you modify the functions they're planned on. I understand why you would want this, but we decided not to develop this functionality on purpose. 

    In fact, while planning crew and transport on functions, there can be a lot of changes before you are happy with your planning: making a function start earlier and finish later, changing person planned on a function, moving a function one hour before or after, etc. If Rentman sent a notification, your crew members would end up having a lot of confusing notifications.

    This is why we decided to let the crew planner determine when to communicate the crew planning. When you do that, the crew members whose planning changed since the last communication will be highlighted in red.

    We are aware that some users would prefer an automated notification for schedule changes and we are monitoring these requests. For the moment, we are not planning on developing this functionality.

    That being said, I want to thank you for your contribution to our community!

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  • Hi Vladimir,


    As someone who encounters this specific scenario on occasion, here is how I handle it. I think the functionality is right.

    1. I am the dedicated crew planner so number one is that the sales people who create projects NEVER click "press here to delete all planned persons and transport"! I'd love to lock down this functionality by user role actually!
    2. When a project gets cancelled and I want to communicate this with the crew planned (as you said in many cases I simply reassign them instead), I send a communicate planning email to all the crew I want to notify at once. In this way, I control the volume of notifications. they get sent an email with the planning details attached and a note to say its cancelled.




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