move Materials from one Project directly to the next

Good morning, 


I´m trying something new here. The Idea is to move the Materials, that are planed and reserved for one project to another project, that is planed directly after the first one.

Do you have an idea how to plan the right Material for the second job, so no problem happens when nothing arrives in the warehouse ?

thanks in advance

David Suchodoll



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  • We duplicate the first project and then have the planning period of the first one end at the exact start of the second. Then we just move the entire 2nd project to location in the warehouse.

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  • Thank you for your comment Ciaran. I agree with your answer and have a little addition.

    Just to make sure we are on the same page: There are two challenges here.

    One is how to plan the same equipment. The only way to do this is as Ciaran suggested to duplicate the project and have the planning period of the first one end at the exact start of the second.

    The second issue is how to book back equipment to the warehouse that actually does not return to the warehouse and book the equipment out when it does not go out from the warehouse but directly from location A to location B. Only solution right now is, as Ciaran suggested, go into the warehouse module and book the equipment on project A back to the warehouse and next book the equipment on project B out to location.

    We are currently working on the new App which contains a mobile warehouse module as well. This will allow scanning as well as manual booking directly on location. This will add the option to book items back and directly out on the next project from location on a cellphone.

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  • We solved it the following way:

    We create accommodations for the time, both Projects overlap. The supplier is the old project and the location of the new project. That way we have all the information needed to make a good transfer, even with scans and routes. 

    Problems: The Material exists for the time of Transfer more often, since technically you book new materials. That is ok in that way, that your timeline shows all accommodations.

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