Creating a Purchase order for crew.


I cant quite find documentation about crew member slips.

What I am looking to do is generate (PO’s for freelancers) slips that contain information about the job they are planned on.

Does anyone have a good suggestion for how I can handle this? 



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    Hi there Bart! 

    Thanks for posting in the community! If I understand your request correctly, it is possible to generate such a PO in Rentman.

    In Rentman, you can find the correct family of document templates in Configuration > Customer Communication > Document Templates > Crew member slip > Planning.

    This "Planning" document currently just has the crew days dates on it by default, but you can certainly add a column that has the crew function rate that you have set up while planning the project.

    In order to add this column, simply duplicate the existing "Planning" document, and add the column: "Price per hour / km". The screenshot below should help !

    Finally, to generate this document, you can either go to the Contacts module, select the crew member you wish to print the PO for, click "More options" button, and finally select an option under "Create document"


    You can generate this document in the Crew planner module.

    Does this all make sense ?

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  • Yes thats all clear! 

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