Anyone know if you can send bulk emails to your contacts?


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    You are correct Ciaran! 

    Exporting your contact list and copy pasting the emails into your email client’s address bar.

    Rentman currently has no way of directly messaging contacts without that communication being somehow related to a project (e.g. through an invite, or by sending invoices, quotations or other documents).

    The best way to send an email to all your contacts is to message them through your own e-mail client. You can get a list of all your contacts email addresses by exporting them from Rentman.

    To do this, please use the following steps:

    1. Go to the Contacts module.

    2. Click on the more options icon, then click on Export Selection.

    3. In the new Dialog Window, select whatever data or columns (e.g. email addresses) you'd like to export.

    4. Click on Export.

    You can open the downloaded Excel sheet and select the column with addresses. Copy it, and paste it into your own email client.

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  • From within Rentman, no. But you can export all the email addresses to an excel file/csv file very easily and then mail merge in word.


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