Help setting up equipment inventory

I'm curious if someone out there using RentMan would be willing to help show me how they setup their inventory.

I'm curious how other companies handle things like power supplies for a laptop or IEC cables for items. Also, what do you do when your sales item and the physical item are different. Ex. if you package TVs in sets of 2, but show them on quotes individually.  




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  • Hi Nathan,

    We have a number of people inside of Rentman who owned a rental company or worked at a Rental company using Rentman before. I have asked them to give some input on a couple of your questions. Here are the answers they came up with, I have also added my personal experience of the last couple of years helping Rentman users implement.

    Also the demo database based on real setups of Rentman. There are however a lot of choices each company will do differently.

    Mostly power supplies for a laptop or IEC cables for items are either automatically added as accessories. Some users do show them on the slip but with a zero price, others choose to hide it from the quotation by offering it for free and hide free items on the quotation or drag and drop the cable into a equipment group not included in the price calculation.

    Another way to solve this issue is by not adding the cables in your system at all but simply make sure you have enough of them and the warehouse guys should know they have to add it. If this is challenging you can add it as internal message to the items so it is shown on the packing slips and the warehouse guys can easily find it.

    Items in packages like TV's or moving heads are often either planned in the package or planned in the individual item. In your case I understand you want to show them on the quotation as individual items but your warehouse guys need to pack the packages.

    One way users choose to solve this is by planning the individual item in the project and show this on the quotation for example: 7 TV's, the warehouse guys will know they have to pack the TV's by 2 and could scan out 3 packages of 2 and take out one single tv of a package. Some users do not want to separate the packages so they simply will always sell them in pairs, some users choose to not do this but just scan out 8 tv's since they take out 4 packages. In that case you have to make sure your equipment availability is correct, that could be solved by planning an extra tv in your project in an equipment group hidden in the financial overview.

    If you like you can always call us on the Dutch support number and if you request it I can forward you to one of the Rentman people who has worked with Rentman in a Rental company. As support we often check with them on these kind of questions to be able to answer these questions.

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  • Hi Nathan,

    We are facing the same problem and we are thinking to do in this way.

    The items that inside have other pieces are flycase
    The main pieces that we rent e show in the quotation, in this case the computer, is the flycase with inside, cable, power supply, video adapter and bags/case.

    For the TV the flycase is the monitor with inside 0.5 of case (set of 2).

    In the material we show the volume only for the bags/case.




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  • Have recently been through this ourselves, please see below;

    Its still a work in progress however I hope it helps!



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