How does your company plan warehouse time / loading equipment time for crew in advance of a project?

I am interested to know how other users plan crew to load equipment before a setup or return equipment after a show in Rentman.

I currently have default functions setup for loading time and unloading time that we add to every project and are in our project templates.

Does anyone do something similar?

If you have a project that is a build from 0800-1800 how do you plan crew to get the equipment from your warehouse to the venue?

In any demos of rentman, this time is never accounted for in the planner so I'm interested to hear if there is a simpler way.





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  • Hi Ciaran,

    As the question was pointed to other users I was a bit hesitant to jump in with an answer to this question. But I recently checked with a couple of customers how they solve this and this is what I learned.

    The issue: if I understand correctly the issue is that your crew needs to take some time for loading and unloading which you do not automatically plan. It might happen that crew does not keep in mind that there will be some time included to unload/load which might bring issues along.

    Some of the solutions I have heard:
    - Adding load and unload to the time schedule and use that to connect to the planning period of the build and break functions. This way it is not communicated and charged to the customer but your planned crew will see their work time is extended for a period, when they check the time schedule they can see that the time period they are working covers also the load/unload.

    - Smaller shows could take only short time to load/unload. One solution is to add another 15 minutes to travel time. This can be done either by using the travel time functionality, by having some internal agreements where you agree to add this time or by simply putting the planning period (time communicated to the crew and not to the customer) of the function to an earlier time manually.

    - The warehouse guy takes care of the projects and loading / unloading.

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  • @pim Regarding to this, in Rentman 3 we had te option for meeting time (verzameltijd) in the crew planning (regardless of the timetable of the project). Does this also comes to RM4G?

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  • Hi Addie,

    Good question.

    Short answer:

    it will not come back as the problem it solved is solved in a different way in Rentman 4G.

    Extended answer:

    In Rentman 3 there is start and end time of a function just like in Rentman 4G. But then you could manually add a warehouse, meeting and end time different from the real function times. The function times always stayed the function times however.

    The problem here is that this is a bit confusing as you communicate time A to a customer and then communicate something else to a planned crew member. The overview was easy to loose and when something changed in the times it was not really flexible.

    This system of Rentman 3 has been replaced by the addition of the planning period for a function. You have a start and end time you use for the price calculation and communicate to your customer, this is your usage period. For your crew you can use the usage period to communicate to your crew or you can add an extra time which is your planning period, this planning period is communicated as start and end time to your crew member.

    This system is a lot easier as you simply have two different times. One you communicate to your customer and one you communicate to your crew member.

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