Time Registration Module

I'm interested in in hearing how other people are utilising the time registration module.

I have been using it with my staff with the addition of a number of extra input fields.

We are not using 'Activities'. Is anyone using this function and is it working for you?

I'm also interested to hear how people track employee hours with this system and how they are using compensation hours and correction hours.





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  • we actually have to use an external tool, since we are too limited in RentMan. We do think, that especially for a calculation with only Freelancers this tool could really work, but not in the way it was intended to. Our main critic there is the accessibility after logging hours and not being able to validate the numbers by a higher instance.

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  • Do you mean you cannot submit longer hours than the planned hours if you are using activities to link it?

    I'm still trying to understand how time registration is to be used exactly? Compensation hours, correction etc.

    I want to use it to keep a record of time owed back to employees for working extra hours

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