Planning crew to crew functions with unspecific times

I have a job that includes build-up and tare-down, but the client hasn't given a timetable. I still want to reserve a technician for the job, but I'm not able because:


No crew and transport functions (with time period) were found.

Add functions with specific times in the 'Crew and transport' tab or select another function group or subproject.



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  • I'm with you on this one as well. What we do to "work around" this issue is that we send out an instructional manual to all of our contractors and employees when they come on and explain to them as part of that manual that whenever they see a time-frame entered into Rentman with xx:39 minutes, that this is CODE for WE DON'T KNOW THE ACTUAL TIMES YET FROM THE CLIENT. Which happens for, hmm, 95% of our events!!

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  • Hi Eetu,

    Thank you for posting your wish. Jon, thank you for your contribution.

    I understand you would like to be able to plan people on unspecific times. You have functions which you do not know the times off but you do want to plan crew on the function.

    We did hear this wish before and there are more users who would like to see this in the software. I suggest to add this wish onto the wishlist where other users can see and vote on it.

    We will look into building this functionality if there are enough users who need the functionality. We keep close track of what users want by talking to them daily. Based on the input of users we now choose to plan and work on functionality which will save more time of more users.

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  • The times change for so many jobs, its the nature of the industry I suppose!

    I believe the functionality is already adequate.


    The function times are entered as a guess of approx times. 

    We book crew for the date with a reservation and invisibly plan them on the function.

    Once the times are updated to the real schedule, we make the planning visible and and delete the reservation.

    Sometimes we adjust the reservation times to match what we think the schedule will be.

    All our crew know that a reservation indicates a confirmed date but we are still awaiting the updated schedule



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  • This is super important.

    I can't really use the crew planner because I rarely know the exact times (at the time of planning the crew).

    Normally I know how many hours I need staff, and the rough dates, but only late in the process I know the exact times. Therefore it would be nice to invite crew before knowing the exact times.

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