What does mean orange dot?

What does mean orange dot in the crew planner module near  function bars?

I see this in some functions in some projects and I've noted that it appeared automatically, but I couldn't understand what it means?



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  • it is a labeled indicator that is displayed when there are changes that require your attention. For example when your usage period or plan period is adjusted. You can right click and choose to show changes. Here you can mark the notification as 'Solved', or you can undo the changes in your project if they are unintended.

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  • Dear, Addie van den Berg!
    Thank you for your explanations, I've been thinking about it but was not sure and my guesses were not so clear and definite like your explanation. I've been thinking that I miss something very important, but don't understand what exactly, now this my headake solved - thank you!

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