Can we get a method to update equipment and recalculate price based on contents?

We base our equipment rental price on list price. I wanted to run a script to quickly update all our equipment prices, should be easy enough, but it appears there is currently no API call available to write anything to equipment, the whole category is read only.

After updating all rental price in the inventory, we need some kind of way to run the 'calculate price based on contents' of sets and cases and save those as well.



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    Hi Floris,


    Nice to hear that you’re wanting to update your equipment prices with the API. Indeed, this isn’t quite possible yet, but we are constantly gathering feedback from customers on how the API can be further built out.


    I will pass your request for this type of call to the product team, so they are aware this is important to you, and can take this into consideration as they continue building out the API.


    I will also pass on that you are wanting a bulk “calculate price based on contents” functionality, as this is also currently not possible.If you’re not already aware of the possibilities to bulk update your equipment database, I’d encourage you to check them out here: Bulk edit your equipment database

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