Discuss Rentman with other users. Share your tips and tricks, discuss the workflow of your team and let us know what you think. For bug reports and questions, please email or call our Support.

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  • Project management

    From setting up the time schedule to planning equipment and functions, creating subprojects, and adding discounts. Talk here about how you turn every project in a successful event.
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  • Public API and Zapier

    Ideas, discussions, and tips on how to use the Public API. Connect Rentman to other programs, automate tasks, and speed up your workflow!
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  • Tips & Best Practices

    Share here your tips, best practices and workflows with other Rentman users.
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  • Warehousing

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  • Equipment & inventory

    Share your tips and tricks for setting up kits & cases, managing the inventory, and working in the Warehouse.
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  • Crew & transport

    Discuss here everything crew & transport related: tips and workflows for planning functions, handling crew costs, sending invitations, and always having the right people for each job!
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  • Documents & Communication

    Discuss best practices communicating internally and to your clients, using document templates, text templates, tasks and notes, etc.
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  • Connect with other Rentman users

    Here you can talk about everything not Rentman-related. Chat about the latest gear or industry news and connect with other Rentman users!
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