Change your time zone

Your country and language settings in Rentman are set automatically according to your location. There are some settings that might need some adjustment to match your country's standards.

In this article, we explain how to:

  • Change default language for customer communications to your own (in case this is not in English). This includes changing the word for VAT to TAX or GST in the customer communication.
  • Set your tax (VAT) settings according to the rates and rules of your country.
  • Correctly set your time zones (in case your country has multiple time zones).


Documents in your language

We have created document templates in many languages. In most cases, these are automatically available in your language. If this is not the case, you can easily add them to your accounts. 

Read our article about Document templates for instructions.

Standard texts and terminology

Apart from templates, there are some standard texts and words that displayed in multiple documents. You can find, add and edit those texts here:

  • Configuration > Account > Project types
  • Configuration > Financial configuration > Invoice moments
  • Configuration > Financial communication > Payment conditions
  • Configuration > Financial configuration > Additional conditions

Note: The default terms and conditions are added as a PDF and can be changed under Configuration > Financial configuration > General.


Admin panel > Financial configuration > VAT codes

The VAT/TAX codes for your company and country can be changed in this tab. The simplest way to change them is by double clicking on one and changing the rates. You can also add new ones by using the Plus.PNG'Add' button.

You can change your default VAT code under Configuration > Financial configuration > General.

In case you use separate VAT options for crew and transport, these can be found in your projects when setting the default crew and transport functions. You can find them here: Project > Crew and transport > Default functions and transport in the list on the left.

If you need to change the name of the VAT code in your documents, this can easily be done with a language setting. See the 'documents in your language section of this article'.

Please contact us if your language is unavailable or incorrect for you at [email protected] and we are there to help.

Time zone

Rentman automatically sets your time zone depending on your location. If your country has multiple time zones it is possible to manually set  the correct time zones.

To choose your time zone navigate to: Configuration > Country and language settings > Time zone.

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