Troubleshooting tips for equipment import failures

Occasionally, import failures may occur, either partially or completely. If this happens, you can find all your answers in the import result like: 

  • Which items/serial numbers failed. 
  • Why did these items/serial numbers fail?
  • Which items/serial numbers have been imported successfully.

At the bottom of the import result, you can download a file that contains all items that failed, accompanied by the reason for failure. This gives you direct into the cause of what the failure was. 

Some reasons why the import fails
  • Double serial numbers or QR codes - In Rentman you can't have the same serial number or QR code for more than one item. If you import an item with serial numbers or QR code X, and X is already in your database, the item can not be imported.
  • QR codes maximum of 25 digits - QR codes in Rentman have a maximum size of 25 digits, (space included). If your QR codes exceed this number, they will be cut off. This can result in identical QR codes.
  • Too much data - Large files could take too long to be processes, and some information might not be imported. If this happened, delete the last import, split up your list into smaller files, and import them separately.
  • Wrong formatting - All information in the file must be entered as text, and without markups (bold, italic, background colors etc.)
  • Multiple sheets - If your .xslx file has multiple sheets, it can't be imported into Rentman. 

Managing serial number and equipment information

Serial Number Column

If you use serial numbers, you can create columns in your equipment file that contain information about a unique piece of equipment, identified by a serial number. These columns are useful, since each individual piece of the same equipment may have a different date of purchase or internal reference.

It's important to know that multiple serial numbers are always connected to the same equipment item.

Note: The values in the "Serial number (Serial number)" column are displayed throughout the software to identify each serial number. In this column, enter the name or code you use to refer to your serial number. 

Importing Extra Input Fields

  1. Set up the extra input field in the Configuration module.
  2. Create a column with the extra input field value in your .xlsx file.
  3. When importing the file, match the new column with the extra input field (you'll find it in the 'Extra' section of the columns). 

Update Equipment in Your Database

If you have already imported your equipment list, but you need to make some bulk changes, you can update the items in your database.

Pro-tips on establishing your equipment file

Here are some tips to prepare your equipment file

The list that you import in Rentman needs to be a .xlsx (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets) or .csv file. 

Here are some tips to prepare your file: 

  • Recognizable headers (titles) in the first row of your file.
  • You cannot add items to a virtual combination or physical combination in the file. You need to enter your items as a separate row, and add them to a virtual/physical combination in Rentman.
  • Don't import more than 64 columns in one go.
  • Include at least the most important information (e.g. Name, Quantity, Rental price, Folder).
  • The folder path of an item must be specified in the Folder column, like this:
  • Make sure the file doesn't have multiple sheets. 
  • If you use QR codes, make sure they are unique and shorter than 25 digits.
  • Do not insert images in your .xlsx file. You can add them later in the software.
  • Make sure all information in the file is entered as text, and without markups (bold, italic, colors, etc).
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