Depending on your workflow, customizing your warehouse statuses can help you keep better track of where your equipment is and what needs to be done next. Whether your equipment is in transit or a cleaning and check-up follows, you can create a warehouse status to match your inventory handling processes here settings Configuration module > Settings > Warehouse statuses by clicking on the button
+ Add warehouse status 

Here you can adjust the statuses for projects and equipment in the warehouse. Current projects keep their status, so pay attention when changing the order of the statuses. You can only delete a status if no projects, equipment or containers linked to it.

Simply drag and drop a status in the order you’d like it to appear to customize your overview. Please note that there are three statuses that remain locked; this means that they can't be repositioned or removed:

  • Confirmed
  • On location
  • Returned

All your statuses appear in the Warehouse module. You can book your equipment from one status to the other. 

Note: All custom statuses are "out of the warehouse" statutes. Hence, equipment is not available while on those statuses. Custom statuses do not have any influence on the financial status of a project.

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