Please note this feature is only available for the Crew Scheduling Standard & ProCrew Scheduling

Why the crew schedule card is useful

The crew schedule card is a useful tool that provides a comprehensive overview of crew members'  history and current functions of a crew member within Rentman.

The crew schedule card solves the need for a more detailed understanding of crew members' activities and availability.

With the crew schedule card, crew planners gain instant access to essential information, including current commitments and past engagements, all conveniently presented in a single, intuitive interface. By using this feature, crew planners are able to make informed decisions, optimize crew scheduling, and allocate resources more efficiently, resulting in higher productivity.

Getting started with crew schedule card

To access the crew schedule card:

crew schedule card2.gif

  1. Go to the people Crew members module.
  2. Double-click on a crew member to open their information page.
  3. Find the crew schedule card under Schedule.

Mastering the crew schedule card

The schedule card can provide you with useful information. Here is how it works:

mastering crew schedule card.gif

  • You can change the date by using the date filters on top of the schedule card.
  • The small dot below the date indicates the days when the crew member has an event.
  • The list at the bottom of the schedule card shows every project and appointment on the chosen date. 
    • By clicking on the launch icon, you can view the project.
    • When a crew member is assigned to a project spanning multiple days, the schedule card dynamically updates to reflect the specific day of the project the crew member is scheduled to work on. For instance, if a project extends over three days and the user is currently viewing the second day of the project, the schedule card will display "Day 2/3."
      Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 11.52.47.png
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