Zapier is an automation tool that lets you create interactions (called "zaps") between your Rentman account and other services. It essentially is a middle man that handles the integrations between Rentman and other services. Using Zapier is not mandatory but it can speed up the integration between Rentman and other programs. 

This Zapier integration is a full integration that is built on top of the public API. Everything that is available in the public API will be available through Zapier as a Trigger or Action. If it wasn't available in the public API previously, it will still not be possible to do via Zapier now. 

Note: Rentman support does not provide support Zapier account setup. If there's any questions about how to use Zapier, please refer to their support and help center

How to connect Rentman to Zapier 

  1. Sign up to Zapier.
  2. Navigate to "Zaps" on left side menu and click "+ Create" > New Zap.
  3. Select the trigger and in the search bar, search for Rentman. Choose Rentman Advanced (3.0.0) or a later version if available. 
  4. Select the Rentman Advanced and select the event you want the trigger to fire on.
  5. Select the Account tab and sign in to your Rentman account. 
  6. Connect to your Rentman account using the API token.
  7. Complete the sign in process and you have successfully connected your Rentman account to Zapier! 
  8. Edit or add your actions. 
  9. Turn on and test your Zap.

What are triggers and actions in Zapier? 

In Zapier, triggers are events that initiate an automated workflow, such as receiving a new email or creating a new project.  Actions, on the other hand, are tasks that Zapier performs automatically in response to these triggers.

Essentially, triggers start the process, while actions are the steps taken in response to those triggers.

What can I use Zapier for? 

Use cases are only limited by your creativity and the available actions/triggers. Here are some examples of workflows you can create with this integration: 

  • When a Rentman project is made:
    • Create Google Drive folder
    • Create Slack channel or Telegram group
    • Add people to this group/channel
    • Post message with details in this group/channel
    • Sync tasks between Rentman and Monday/Asana
    • Sync contacts between Hubspot and Rentman
    • Send slack message when repair is created
  • Copy over files from Rentman to Drive/Dropbox
  • Sync crewmember appointments and availability with any 3rd party apps.
  • Sync with additional accounting software such as Visma, Dext, Exact and more! 


Does using Zapier integration cost extra?
No, accessing the Rentman & Zapier integration does not cost extra. It is included in your current license. 
What other apps can I connect with using Zapier?
How do I test my Zaps?
Depending on the action, you will have to log into another platform and set up the action so the correct tasks happen. Please be aware there will be trial and error when it comes to testing your Zap.
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