Set up and get paid via digital payment with Mollie or Stripe

What is it?

Digital payments make it quick and easy for your customers to pay your invoices. By integrating your Mollie or Stripe account to Rentman, you can create an invoice with a digital payment button so customers can pay you directly, simplifying the payment process.

In this article, we explain how to set up digital payments with Mollie or Stripe in Rentman.

Digital payments with Mollie are currently only available for countries using the Euro. If you use a different currency, you can use Stripe.

How does it work? 

In Rentman you add a digital payment button to your invoice similar to the digital sign button on your documents. Your customer clicks on this button and can directly pay the invoice amount with the preferred payment method, Stripe or Mollie. The payment methods your customer can choose from, are selected by you. 

How can I set up ?

The first step in setting the integration up is to link your Rentman account to your payment provider. 

  1. Create an account in your preferred software: Mollie or Stripe.
  2. When you create your respective accounts, search for the API key > copy the key.
  3. In Rentman, go to settings Configuration > Payment methods.
  4. Under Online Payments > select Mollie or Stripe.
  5. Enter your API Key.
  6. Save and you have successfully linked your account to Rentman!


Tip: Take a look at the respective article on how to obtain your API key in Mollie or Stripe 

Adding the digital payment button to your invoices

Once you have connected Rentman to the payment provider of your choice, you can now add a digital payment button to your invoices enabling your customers to conveniently make payments directly from there. Here's how you can do that:

  1. Access your document template selecting settings Configuration > Document templates.
  2. Select the invoice of your choice.
  3. Select and drag the "Pay Online" module onto the document.
  4. Save! Newly generated invoices will include the pay online button.
  5. Optional: Generate a new invoice and test out the integration. 

Note: Digital payment button is only available for the invoice document type. 

Supported payment methods 

Payment methods are managed within the settings of their respective websites. By default, they should provide the most common payment methods such as VISA, Mastercard and American Express. There are other options such as Apple Pay, Link or Google Pay that can be enabled. 

Take a look at the different payment options for Mollie and Stripe


Are there any additional costs to the Mollie/Stripe integration?
The Rentman connection is included in your license. Mollie and Stripe charges prices for each transaction depending on the payment method. 
Why did we choose Mollie and Stripe?
  • Mollie: Internationally there are multiple providers but we have chosen Mollie because it is very easy to set-up and connect. The pricing of Mollie is good for the payment methods used by most of our users. Mollie is an international provider offering good rates in the European Union. Through rigorous security checks, safe data storage, employee screenings and compliance with every available regulation, Mollie ensures the safety, stability and reliability for every transaction.
  • Stripe: Stripe is one of the world's leading payment platforms, with customers like Facebook, Deliveroo, Wish... and Rentman too! Stripe can be used in several countries, and it offers a safe and reliable service to hundreds of thousands of companies around the world.
Does the integration mark the invoices as paid in Rentman?
Yes, when the invoice is paid by the customer via the pay online button, the invoice in Rentman will automatically be marked as paid. Please note that marking an invoice in Rentman as paid will NOT mark the invoice as paid in your payment provider.
How can I customize the pay online button?
You can customize the pay online button by selecting it and editing it via module styles menu on the right. See this document styling article.
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