User roles determine what rights and permissions users have in Rentman. You can create different user roles, and assign the correct role to the right crew member.

For example, you can give account managers a Power user role, which gives them full rights and permissions in Rentman. You can create a Freelancer role for freelancers, which only includes a limited number of modules they can access in Rentman.


Power users

Only power users have full rights and permissions in Rentman. The maximum amount of power users is determined by your Rentman license. Non-power users are free to add, and have a different user role.

Default user roles

Rentman already has the following default user roles, which are designed for different user groups. You can also always create your own custom user role.

This role is automatically assigned to new users. Users can only view their own schedule.

Power user
Full rights to view and edit anything in Rentman. 

Limited rights. Users can view their own schedule and relevant details of the projects on which they are planned. They have no rights to edit.

Users can view all modules and edit specific options. They can keep overview of the planning, finances, contacts and equipment.

Create a user role

Note: Only Power users can create a user role.

  1. Go to the settings Configuration module > Account > User roles. 
  2. Choose  + Add role  , and fill in a name for this role. 
  3. (De)select what rights a user should have in each of the modules. (De-selected modules will not be visible to the user).
    Note: some functionalities in the software are only available to Power users. These are indicated with a golden star icon.
    We recommend being cautious with giving rights to delete items from the database. A deleted item will influence all projects that this item is (and was) planned on.

Assign a role to a crew member

Once you've created your user roles, you can assign them to crew members.


Where can I find an overview of the user roles of my crew members?
Go to the people Crew members module, and look in the User role column. If you don't see this column in your overview, you can always (re-)add it.
Do the rights of a user also work in the app and calendar synchronization?
Yes. The rights you assign to a user are the same everywhere. In the app or calendar, he/she only has the modules and rights that he/she has access to. A user with a 'Freelancer' role can, for example, only see the projects that he's planned on in the app.
Do power users have access to all data in Rentman by default?
No. Even for Power user roles, you can change the rights and access to modules and options. You can decide, for example, that a Power user can edit their own invoices, but not the invoices of other account managers.
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