QR codes and barcodes are used for scanning equipment items or serial numbers in Rentman. Scanning lets you track the location and status of an item or serial number. You can also scan items that must be repaired, and check if you forgot to prepare any items for a project. If you want some tips on how to set up your QR codes, check out our dedicated blog article.

In this article, we explain how to set up QR codes, and barcodes.


Difference between items and serial numbers

An item is a piece of equipment to which you assign a name (example: microphone stand), a price, internal and external comments, etc. Each item has its own QR code.

An item can consist of multiple serial numbers. These are single pieces of the item, and each serial number has its own unique QR code.

For expensive equipment items, it's useful to add QR codes to each of their serial numbers. Bulk equipment such as cables don't need QR codes for each serial number; you could add one QR code to the item instead.

For example: If you are booking out 4 microphone stands for a gig, you are not interested in which specific ones are going out. So these stands will all have the same QR code label.

If you are renting a Pioneer CDJ2000, you might want to select a specific one and keep track of its usage. So you will assign a specific serial number to each CDJ2000, and each serial number will have its unique QR code.

What type of code should you use

QR and barcodes are supported by Rentman. However, we recommend using QR codes because they can be printed in smaller formats than barcodes (starting from 7mm * 7mm). This makes it easier to use them on small items, such as microphones. Additionally, you can generate, download and print your QR codes in Rentman.

Rentman automatically generates QR codes for you. If you prefer using barcodes, you can use barcode generating software or purchase these from a barcode supplier.

What can you use codes for

You can use codes to:

Assign a code to an item or a serial number

You have two options to assign a code to an item or a serial number:

  • Use ready codes and assign them to items (code to item)
  • Generate your QR codes for each item and serial number (item to code)

QR codes in Rentman have a maximum size of 25 digits (spaces included). If your QR codes exceed this number, they will be cut off. This can result in identical QR codes.

Option 1: code to an item

You can use ready codes and assign them to items and serial numbers. It doesn't matter what codes you use, as long as they are unique. 

  1. Print (or order from us) a sheet of unassigned codes and use these to label the different items.
  2. Go to the category Equipment module, and double-click on an item to open it. To assign a code to the serial numbers of that item, open now the Serial numbers tab.
  3. Find the QR Codes section in the bottom-right of the Data tab.
  4. Click on the code to edit it.
  5. Scan the code labeled on this item, and click  Save

The code is now associated with the item or serial number.

Option 2: item to code

You can generate QR codes for items and individual serial numbers by providing your own code. It doesn't matter what code you provide, as long as it is unique.

  1. Go to the category Equipment module, and double-click on an item to open it. To assign a code to the serial numbers of that item, open now the Serial numbers tab.
  2. Find the QR Codes section in the bottom-right of the Data tab.
  3. Click on the code to edit it.
  4. Fill in your unique code, and click  Save


Download your QR codes

You can change the size of your QR code labels by adding (or editing) your letterhead in the category Configuration module > Customer communication > Letterhead.

  1. In the category Equipment module, select 78787.png all items that you want to download the QR codes of.
  2. Click on the More actions more_vert button and choose 'Create document'.
  3. Choose a template, a letterhead, which serial numbers to include, and if you want to add a personal text.
  4. Click on  Generate
  5. Download the file by clicking the download icon blobid1.png
  6. (Optional) Click save 'Save to item' to connect this tag to its equipment

Print your QR codes

Option 1: Order pre-printed sheets with your QR codes.
You can order QR codes from Rentman through Geartracking.com, or a QR code manufacturer.

Geartracking.com's pre-printed sticker sheets with QR codes have a special industrial coating, which makes them resistant to damage from water and light. They have a high ECC level, meaning that the code will still work if 30% of it has been damaged.

Option 2: Print the QR codes yourself
Download your QR codes (see section above) and print them with a label printer. You can print the codes on quality paper, or simply on standard paper.

Read the section Supported label printers in this article for more information.

Supported scanners

Read our article about the scanner options in Rentman.

Supported label printers

All label printers should work with Rentman. 

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