Add crew and transport functions to your project

In Rentman, the planning of crew and transportation for a project takes place in two phases:

  1. Adding crew and transport functions - in this first phase, you set what activities need to be performed, by how many people, and during which time period. This information will be used in your quotation. Example: on the 10-03-2019, from 14:00 to 17:00, you need 2 people for the function "stagehand".
  2. Planning crew members and vehicles on the functions - in this second phase, you choose which of your crew members will perform the functions. Example: John Smith and Michael Williams will perform the function "stagehand" on the 10-03-2019.

In this article, we explain the first phase - how to add crew and transport functions to your projects. 


Add a function

Before you start, you need to create the default functions.

To add a function to a function group, select the group. To add it outside of a group, select the default group called 'ungrouped functions'

You can choose to add a one-time function or a default function.

Add a default function

  1. Select a function group. 
  2. From the column on the left, double-click on the default function you want to add.

add function.gif

Add a one-time function

  1. Open Crew and transport tab in your project.
  2. Click on more_vert icon on the top-right (next to the '+Function group' button).
  3. Choose between crew or transport function.
  4. Fill in the function details.
  5. Click  Save

temp function.gif

Optimize your workflow by converting these one-time functions into default functions for future reuse. Click the link below to access the instructional video.
one time function as a default.gif
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