In Rentman, you can assign QR and barcodes to items and physical combinations. You can then scan QR and barcodes to book equipment in and out of your warehouse or select equipment in other areas of the software. In this article, we explain which scanners to use and how.


Zebra scanners

You can book equipment using a Zebra scanner model TC21 or TC26. These scanners run on Android, so you can download the Rentman Mobile app.

The Zebra TC21 and TC26 have built-in optical scanners and touch-screens. This means you can scan equipment quickly with Rentman Mobile and see the packing list updating in real time.

Plus, you can move freely around your warehouse, without being connected to a laptop or tablet.

Although other touch-screen scanners might be compatible with Rentman Mobile, we can only guarantee Rentman Mobile is compatible with Zebra TC21 and TC26. We are not going to implement the app to make it compatible with other scanners.


You can also use Rentman Mobile on your iOS or Android smartphone to scan equipment. This solution lets you move freely around the warehouse.

On the downside, scanning with a smartphone is slower as compared to proper scanners. This is because Rentman Mobile uses the phone's camera to scan the code, and the camera must be opened after every scan.

This option is still useful when your warehouse is very busy, or if your average packing list is not very long.

Scanners (as a keyboard)

You can also scan equipment using the Warehouse module on the browser. To do this, you must connect a scanner to your computer, laptop, or tablet via Bluetooth or USB cable.

These scanners read the QR/barcode and write it in the scanner field.

Using this option is faster than scanning with a smartphone, but there is a major limitation: being connected to another device limits your movements. Some companies work around this by carrying the laptop connected to the scanner on the trolley where they load the equipment.

When using this option, the scanner should enter automatically after each scan. If this does not happen, you can change your scanner's settings. Contact your supplier if you need help with this process. 

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