Connect your webshop to Rentman

A webshop is a website where you can offer your products and services. Connecting your webshop to your Rentman account, you can receive rental requests at any time, collect clients' details, and process projects faster.

You can connect Rentman to a webshop that runs on WordPress (with WooCommerce). You do this by installing our Wordpress webshop plugin on your webshop.

You can install the plugin yourself, or let our partner AppSys set up your webshop, who will do this in consultation with you. This is available for a fixed price. AppSys can, in consultation with you, also build custom functionalities into the plugin that aren't present by default.

If you decide to install the plugin yourself, please also start by contacting our partner AppSys, as you will need to receive an installation code from them, in order to make the installation complete.

If you have trouble with your webshop, read our article about solving problems with the webshop.


About our webshop plugin

Webshops that don't run on WordPress (with WooCommerce) cannot be connected to Rentman.

Our plugin adds the following functionalities to your webshop:

Webshop functionality

  • Choose start/end time for the rental period.

Connection between your webshop and Rentman

  • Access equipment from your Rentman account.
  • Forward inquiries in the webshop as projects in your Rentman account.
  • Check contacts in your Contacts database when forwarding inquiries.

For an extended list, read the section Extended functionalities.


For the use of the Wordpress webshop plugin, our partner AppSys charges 29,- EU / 35,- USD per month. From Rentman’s side, no further costs are being charged.

Our partner AppSys can help you with setting up your webshop. The costs for this are not included in this price (or Rentman license). For personal support of an AppSys web developer, AppSys may charge additional costs.

Install the plugin

The first step to take when installing the webshop plugin, is to contact our partner AppSys. They will provide you with an installation code, that you will need to complete the installation of the plugin. You can find their contact details below. 

You can then install the plugin yourself, or let our partner AppSys help you throughout the whole process by setting it up in consultation with you. This is available for a fixed price, and is useful when you don't have the right technical knowledge.

With the plugin, Rentman will be connected to a website. This can be your own (existing) website, or a website specifically set up for this purpose.

Install it yourself

Note: Technical skills are required.

  1. Download our Wordpress webshop plugin here.
  2. Full instructions are found in the User Manual, which can be found in the docs folder in the .zip file.

Warning: Bugs can be solved by our partner AppSys, who manage the Wordpress webshop plugin. You can also fix bugs yourself and post the fix online, since the plugin is open source.

Let AppSys install the plugin for you

Our IT-partner AppSys manages the Wordpress webshop plugin, and has technical know-how about the plugin. For a fixed price, they will set up your webshop in consultation with you.

AppSys can also build custom functionalities for your webshop that aren't present in the standard plugin. These can be developed in consultation with you. For more information, contact AppSys and request a quotation.

Read more about AppSys and find their contact details in the section below.

Support from AppSys

AppSys is a specialist for websites and webshops, and is our partner for the Wordpress Webshop plugin. AppSys provides the installation code, support, answers questions and investigates problems with the plugin, such as:

  • Setting up your webshop (including installation of the plugin) for a fixed price.
    Contact AppSys for more information.
  • Building custom functionalities for your webshop.
    Contact AppSys for more information and a personalized quotation.
  • Squashing bugs and solving problems.
    Contact the Support of AppSys for more information.

AppSys has already built some custom functionalities that are directly available and can be implemented quickly. These have been developed earlier for other customers of Rentman. Ask AppSys for the available options.

Contact details

Phone: 0032 (0)11 96 05 55

Phone: 0032 (0)11 96 05 57
Email: or

Office in Belgium
Grote Baan 19 Bus 1
3530 Houthalen-Helchteren

Office in The Netherlands
Hurkestraat 43
5652 AH Eindhoven
The Netherlands



  • Import equipment from your Rentman database to your webshop.
  • Equipment will be imported from your database with the day-price, factor groups, name, image and more to your webshop.
  • For each equipment item, you can include specific webshop information that should be imported with your item such as a short and long description for in your webshop.
  • Equipment will be imported in the same folder structure as in your Rentman database.
  • For each equipment item, you can decide whether it should or shouldn't be imported in the webshop.
  • Both rental and sales equipment can be shown in the webshop.
  • Kits and cases can be shown as equipment in the webshop.

Equipment availability:

  • Optional: the webshop displays availability of equipment items based on its availability in Rentman. Based on a button in the webshop plugin you can activate or deactivate this option.

Order process:

  • A customer can place an order with a start/end time.
  • A customer's order is forwarded as a project to Rentman, and handled further in Rentman. The project will contain start/end times, customer information and selected equipment.
  • An e-mail will be sent to the default email address of your Rentman account when you receive a new order.
  • A contact that is added in the webshop will be connected to the Contacts in your Rentman database, based on their email address.

Webshop flow

Below, you'll find a description of the usual steps that your customers (and your own team) will undertake when your webshop is set up.

For your customers

  1. Customer selects the items that he/she is interested in.
  2. Customer selects the rental period and adds the order to the shopping basket.
  3. Customer places the order, and based on their e-mail address Rentman checks whether this customer already exists in the Rentman database. If this isn't the case, the customer is asked for contact details.
  4. Customer receives confirmation in the webshop.
  5. Customer receives a quotation at a later date, based on their order from the webshop.

For Rentman users

  1. You receive an e-mail from the plugin and/or WooCommerce about a new order.
  2. The order will be forwarded to Rentman as a project with a Concept status and features a new or existing client, requested equipment and chosen rental period.
  3. The request will be further dealt with in Rentman as a normal project. You can contact the customer, create a quotation and send it to them.

Solve issues with the webshop

If you encounter any issues when setting up your webshop, please read our article about solving issues with the webshop.


What requirements must my webshop meet?

Your webshop must run on WordPress with WooCommerce.

Can I connect the Rentman API to other software?
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