You can easily send a note to your Rentman profile, by sending an email to It's also possible to directly attach a note to a project, by including the project number (#13) in the subject of the email.

On some occasions, customers might accidentally send an email to instead of your personal email address. If this happens, their email will end up in your Messages screen. To prevent this from happening, you can let us verify your email domain.


View received notes

  1. Go to the dvr Messages module and choose Notes received.

Attach a note to a project

  1. Send an email to, and type the project number (#13) in the subject of the email, like this:

    You can find the project number in the Number column in the table_chart Projects module, or in the General tab of your opened project. 

If you attach a note to a project, it will not appear in the Messages screen. Instead, it will directly appear in the General tab of your project:


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