You can change the equipment type (single physical item, virtual combination or physical combination of items) when that piece of equipment was never planned on any project.

If the piece of equipment has already been planned, you first need to duplicate it and then archive the original one. This ensures that the original equipment will still exist in all projects that it was planned on previously.

Note: archived equipment is shown with a strikethrough in the Equipment tab of your projects, but it's shown normally in documents and in the price calculation

Change the type

Equipment never planned

If a piece of equipment has never been planned, you can directly change the type:

  1. Double-click on the piece of equipment.
  2. Select a new type in the Equipment Type field.
  3. Click  Save

Equipment previously planned

You can't change the type of planned equipment, because this would affect your project(s) and potentially cause issues with availability, packing slips, and statistics. For example, if you change a virtual combination to a single physical equipment, all default content of the virtual combination would be deleted from your projects. This will cause issues on projects and documents where the virtual combination was planned on.

  1. Select Vink_1.png a piece of equipment in the Equipment module, click more_vert, and choose Duplicate.
  2. Change the type, and save your changes.
    A new piece of equipment has been added to the Equipment module.
  3. Select Vink_1.png the original equipment item, click more_vert, and choose Archive.
    The original piece of equipment has now been moved to the Archive tab in the Equipment module, and cannot be planned on projects anymore.

From now on, you must use the new equipment when planning your projects.

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