Your Rentman account already has some native external integrations. The Rentman (public) API allows you to build your own integrations with other programs. In this article, we provide a general overview of the Rentman API and give instructions on how to access it.

Note: using the API requires technical programming skills and experience. If you don't have these skills, we recommend contacting an external developer or company to assist you. Our Support team is not trained in this field and cannot help you with the implementation of the API.

What is an API

An API (Application programming interface) is "an interface or communication protocol between a client and a server".

In simple words, it's a way to extract data from a program and transfer it to another.

Get your API token

To use the Rentman API you must generate an API token. The API Token is personalized and used for authentication - just like a password. Please don't share this token with anyone (see our good practices for API security).

To generate your token:

  1. Go to settings ConfigurationAccount > Extensions.
  2. If deactivated, click Connect in the 'API' field.
  3. Click Show token.

You can now use this token to build your API integrations. If you want to create a new token, click on Regenerate tokenThe old token will be invalidated.

Rentman Public API documentation

Read our Rentman API Documentation for all the information about authentication, headers, querying and limitations of our public API. Here you will also find all the codes necessary to the different calls.

Good practices for API security

API tokens give access to your Rentman account and you should protect them the same way you protect your password. Here are some common good practices for your API security:

  • Don't expose the token to the public (like in screenshots or videos). Note: blurring your data isn't always enough. It's best to use "cut" functions in your graphics program to remove the data completely.
  • If you have to share a token, generate a new one after to invalidate the old one.
  • Never email the API token, because it would give access to your account's data if hackers would manage to break into your email account.
  • The access to each call is determined by the role of the user who generated the API token.
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