Solve equipment shortages with subrentals

Subrenting equipment in Rentman is a useful way to solve equipment shortages. Your stock is increased for the period of the subrental so that your equipment shortages can be solved.

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Internal subrental External subrental
Internal subrents in Rentman refer to the process of borrowing equipment from one of your own stock locations to cover shortages for a particular project. This means that if you lack certain equipment needed for a project, but it's available in another warehouse or storage location within your organization, you can internally subrent it. This allows you to efficiently manage your inventory by redistributing resources internally to meet project demands.
Once the project is completed, the subrented equipment is returned to its original stock location.
Note: Internal subrentals are temporary arrangements. If you want to permanently move your equipment to a stock location, you need to create a transfer project.

Your equipment item doesn't need to have a shortage for you to subrent it.

Add a subrental

There are several ways to add a subrental. You can subrent equipment from the project's Equipment tab or use the swap_horizontal_circle Shortages module, either through the Rental shortages sub-folder or the Subrentals sub-folder.

Equipment tab Rental shortages Subrentals

You can use this option to solve the shortages of a single project.

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  1. Go to the Equipment tab of your project.
  2. Select all equipment items that you want to solve the shortage of.
  3. Click the More actions more_vert button, and choose 'Subrent shortages'
  4. In the pop-up that appears, choose if you want to create a 'New internal subrental' or a 'New external subrental'. This will open a new subrental in the the swap_horizontal_circle Shortages module.
  5. In the General tab of your subrental, configure your subrental options.
  6. (Optional) In the Equipment tab of your subrental, add more equipment if you need.
    Rentman will only subrent equipment that isn't reserved for the project yet. When the subrental is created, the equipment will be automatically reserved on your project. Read more in our article about equipment availability.
Rentman tip
Open the details pane of the equipment to review the subrental prices.subrental details pane.gif

If you've already created a subrental, but you are suddenly faced with an extra shortage of equipment, you can add more equipment to an existing subrent:

How to add equipment to existing subrentals
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  1. In the Equipment tab of your project, select the extra equipment items with a shortage.
  2. Click the More actions more_vert button, and choose Subrent shortages.
  3. A pop-up will appear which asks you to select which subrental you want to add the equipment to. The subrental period must overlap the planning period of your equipment. Otherwise, the shortage will not be solved
  4. Click  Confirm
The subrentals are highlighted in red when the times don't overlap exactly with the Planning period of your project.

Subrental options
  • Name - This name will be displayed in the swap_horizontal_circle Shortages module, to easily identify this subrent.
  • Equipment status - Choose what status your subrented equipment should get.
  • Subrent type - Choose between: 'Collect at supplier', 'Delivered in warehouse', and 'Delivered on location'.
  • Supplier - Choose a supplier from your Contacts database.
  • Contact person - Choose a contact person from your supplier.
  • Account manager - Select a Rentman user as an account manager.
  • Reference - Type a reference for this subrent.
  • Price - Fill in a price for your subrent.
  • Remark - Type a remark for this subrent.
  • Time schedule - Create the time schedule for this subrent. 


When creating a subrental, you can automatically calculate the price, add it up manually, or use your supplier price.

subrentals automatic rental price.gif

  • Automatically calculate equipment price - If you check this switch behind 'Financial', Rentman will calculate the price of the subrent based on the subrent price you set up when adding the item.
  • Add the price manually - You can add the price manually by unchecking the switch behind 'Financial'. 
  • Use your supplier price - When you select a supplier, Rentman will ask you if you want to replace the price with the supplier price you set up in the equipment

Send a digital subrental request

After creating a subrent, you can send a digital subrental request to another Rentman user directly from your Rentman account. This saves both you and your supplier a lot of time.

If your supplier doesn't have Rentman, you can contact them outside of Rentman (as you did before using our software). Remember to add a subrent anyway, so your equipment won't be in shortage anymore.

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