Give discounts to your contacts

You can give your contacts a discount on crew costs, transport costs, subrental costs, and the total price of a project. You can give different percentages to different contacts: when you select them as client for a project, the configured discounts will automatically be applied. 

To give discounts on custom equipment groups, you can use discount groups instead.


Give discount

  1. Open a contact in the contact_phone Contacts module.
  2. Go to the Payment tab, and fill in the discount percentage for the following: 
    Crew discount
    Transport discount
    Total price discount
    Subrental discount (supplier)
    Discount rental equipment
    Discount sales equipment
  3. Click  Save

When you select this contact as client for a project, Rentman will ask you if you want to apply the discounts you've configured for this contact.

Warning: If you update the discount percentage for a contact, you need to remove and re-add this contact to currently running projects. Otherwise, the updated percentages will not be applied to that project.

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