If you work with customers from different countries, you might want to send out documents in multiple languages. In this article, we explain how to do this.


Add extra input fields

To display your equipment and crew and transport functions in a foreign language, you first have to add their names to your database.

To do this, add an extra input field (example: "Name in French") to your equipment and to your default functions.

You can now update your equipment by importing the values for the new extra input field. For your default functions, you will have to add the translations manually.

Add document template from the library

Instead of creating a new document template, you can add an existing one from the document templates library.

Add right columns

It's now time to edit the document template to show the right information.

  1. Duplicate the template.
  2. Edit the "Equipment" module columns by clicking on table_chart.
  3. Remove the column "Name".
  4. Add the column for the extra input field (you will find it in Equipment >> Extra).
  5. Repeat this operation for the "Crew planning" and "Vehicle planning" modules.
  6. Save  the template

Extra options

Repeat for each piece of information

The operation described so far can be applied to other fields you might want to translate, such as the External comment field.

Change the currency

If your client uses a different currency than you, you can change the currency displayed in your financial documents.

Apply text template for emails

When you are ready to send your document via email, you can create a text template for the new language.

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