In this article, we provide an overview of the steps to get your crew members into Rentman so you can invite them for a function, keep track of their availability, send the project planning, and register their hours.-

Create the right folder structure

A good folder structure is essential to stay organized and find your information faster. In Rentman, you are free to set your own folder structure in the people Crew members module, like this:


Add or import your crew members

Getting your crew members into the database allows you to invite crew for a function, keep track of their availability, send the project planning, and register their hours. You can do this in two ways:

Add your crew members: useful when you want to add a single (or small number) of crew members to the Rentman database.

Import your crew members: useful when you want to add all (or a large number) of crew members at once. This works by uploading your .xlsx file (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets) that contains a complete list of your crew members.

Edit your crew members

You can edit a single crew member by going to the people Crew members module and double-clicking on him/her, or edit multiple crew members at once.

Set up user roles

User roles determine what rights and permissions users have in Rentman. You need to set them up by creating different user roles and assigning the correct role to the right crew member.

Add an extra power user

Your license determines the maximum amount of power users for your account. If you want to increase the amount of power users, you need to change your license details and assign a power user role to a (new) crew member.

Use tags for crew members

By assigning a tag to your crew members, you can filter through them in the people Crew members module. For example, you can use tags for specific skills that a crew member has (DJ, truck driver, forklift driver). This is useful for planning the right crew member on the right function.

Bulk edit

By selecting all desired crew members in the people Crew members module, you can edit their properties at once. This can save a lot of time when you want to change the same value(s) for a group of workers and freelancers.

You can also bulk edit your crew by exporting, updating and importing the list again.

  1. Go to the people Crew members module.
  2. Select mceclip1.png the desired crew members.
  3. Click edit Edit.
  4. Select the fields you want to edit in the various sections, and change the values.
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