You can make crew- and transport functions visible or invisible to a crew member. This is useful when you are still editing the planning, and don't want your crew member(s) to see it yet.

When a function is visible, the function will show in the personal calendar of your crew member.

When a function is invisible, the function will not be shown in their calendar.


Default visibility

You can make every newly added function visible, or invisible by default.

This setting is only applied to new functions that you add. The visibility of functions already in the planning will not change.

In a project

  1. Go to the Crew scheduling tab.
  2. Choose the default visibility:


In the account_circle Crew planner module

  1. Choose the default visibility:


Make a function (in)visible

You can also change the visibility of a single function.

In a project

  1. Go to the Crew scheduling tab.
  2. Select mceclip0.png a crew member planned under a function.
  3. Click the More options more_vert button, and choose "Switch visibility for crew member".

In the account_circle Crew planner module

  1. In the timeline, right-click on a planned crew function (to switch visibility for all crew planned on that function) or a planned crew member (to switch visibility for just one crew member).
  2. Click "Make planning visible to crew members" (all crew planned on that function) or "Switch visibility for crew member" (just one crew member)

Note: In the availability timeline, you can check out how many hours are scheduled visibly or invisibly for a crew member or vehicle. ______________2022-04-19___10.45.10.png.      ______________2022-04-19___10.45.02.png


The color of a planned crew member or function in the account_circle Crew planner module indicates visibility.

  • Green function: visible for all crew members planned on a function  mceclip11.png
  • Orange function: invisible for one or more crew members planned on a function mceclip8.png
  • Dark blue crew: crew member can see that he is planned on a function mceclip9.png
  • Light blue crew: crew member can NOT see that he is planned on a function mceclip7.png


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