When you do your periodic inventory count, you can check if the quantity you have in stock actually matches the one in Rentman and correct it if it doesn't.


How does it work

For every item or physical combination in your category Equipment database, you can count how many items you currently have in stock and match them with your "Expected warehouse stock." The creation date of the inventory count is taken as a reference point for calculating what should be in your warehouse at that moment.

For your items, the "Expected warehouse stock" is the result of the item's quantity minus the quantities included in a physical combination, in repair, and on location for a project. Physical combinations follow the same rules as your items.

Example: if you have quantity 10 of a Microphone X and 2 pieces are parts of physical combinations, 1 is in repair, and 3 are in locations for some projects, the 'Expected warehouse stock' of Microphone X is 4.

Please note that virtual combinations are excluded from the counting because their content can vary.


Count the equipment

To start the inventory counting:

  1. Go to your category Equipment module.
  2. Select all the equipment you want to count using the checkbox.
  3. Click on the more_vert more actions button.
  4. Select "Count inventory".
  5. In the General Information tab, you can find instructions about this functionality, and add a name and a remark for your inventory check. 
  6. Optional: You can also add tasks and notes to this inventory count. 
  7. In the Equipment tab, you will find all the equipment you selected.
  8. You can now count your equipment manually (double click on the "Counted" column) or use the scanning function. 
    To scan your equipment for the purpose of inventory count, you will need a USB/Wireless connected scanner. It is not yet possible to do this via the Rentman mobile app. This means that it will also not be possible to use Zebra scanners to scan, which rely on the Rentman app.

When you have finished counting, in the "Status" columns you can see if you counted less ("Shortage") or more ("Surplus") than the expected quantity, or exactly the expected quantity ("Correct").


If you are counting bulk equipment (equipment that is not serialized) you can click on "Complete the count" and the difference will be applied to the equipment quantity. If a shortage has occurred after the count, the amount of missing items will automatically be added to the lost equipment section under the build Maintenance module. 

If there are no serial numbers to count for a serialized equipment, the status of the count will automatically set to ("Correct").

In case you are counting equipment with serial numbers, you will have to adjust the differences manually.

Counting sale items

When counting your inventory for sale items, the process is exactly the same. After clicking on "Complete the count", a stock movement will be created to apply the difference.

Managing your stock levels 

If you wish to learn more about how to keep track of your stock levels such as; how to enter equipment deliveries, lower your stock levels, and make manual stock corrections, you can read our support article on "Managing your stock levels"


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