You can plan periodic inspections for serial numbers in Rentman. In the build Maintenance module, you'll find a list of all serial numbers and when their inspection is coming up. After the inspection has taken place, you can specify what equipment was inspected and what the findings were.

Periodic Inspections can only be set up for serialized equipment. In an inspection, you always need to specify which equipment you inspect, which is why bulk equipment doesn't work. It would be hard to tell which bulk equipment have already been inspected since they all contain the same QR code.


Setting up periodic inspections

Periodic inspections first need to be configured in the settings Configuration module. Here you will determine how often each inspection will take place, and what exactly needs to be checked.

For example: A rigging inspection is normally done every 6 months. During a rigging inspection, all hoists, chains and other accessories need to be visually examined.

Importing your inspection results to Rentman

Import inspection results from Fluke or your preferred DMS software to Rentman and create inspection reports in seconds!

  1. Go to the Inspections tab of the build Maintenance module
  2. Click on More actions > Import
  3. Select the type of import you prefer:
    - import each row in the report as a new inspection
    - import all rows in a single inspection
  4. Upload your file

Pro tip: Your file must be in a .xlsx' or '.csv' format. Remember to add the correct columns to your spreadsheet. You can find a template here to get you started.

Configure inspection types

  1. Go to the settings Configuration module > Settings > Periodic inspections.
  2. Click + Add periodic inspection.
  3. Choose a name, frequency, and write a description.
  4. Save.

You can now choose this type of inspection when planning a periodic inspection.

Plan periodic inspections

Add a new inspection

  1. Go to the Inspections tab of the build Maintenance module.
  2. Click + Add inspection.
  3. In Inspections overview, fill in the Periodic inspection field (previously set up in the settings Configuration module - paragraph above).
  4. In Serial numbers, click "+ Add serial numbers", search for an equipment item, and choose the serial numbers you want to inspect.
  5. Make sure to set (and update) the status of your inspections.
  6. Save.

Note: Periodic Inspections can only be set up for serialized equipment. 

Update the inspection status

Before, during, or after your inspection you should set the status. This helps you with keeping overview of what's inspected, and what the findings were afterwards.

  • Inspection pending
  • Processing
  • Refused
  • Approved


Where can I find my list of equipment to inspect?
Go to the Equipment to inspect tab of the build Maintenance module. Here, you'll find a list of all equipment and serial numbers, and when their inspection date is.
How does Rentman determine the inspection date?

Rentman uses the purchasing date of individual serial numbers to plan inspections.

Example: If you've added a new serial number with purchasing date 19-06-2018 (and 6 months inspection interval), the next planned inspection will be 19-12-2018.

If you do not provide a purchasing date for your serial numbers or equipment item, Rentman will use the date on which it was added to your database.

How do I know which of my inspections is active?

After you have planned your periodic inspections, you can choose per equipment item whether the inspection should be active for that item.

  1. Edit an item in the category Equipment module, and go to the Periodic inspections tab.
  2. Check mceclip0.png or uncheck the box under "Active".
How do I add more serial numbers to an inspection?

If you recently bought more serial numbers of an item that already has inspections planned, you can add the extra serial numbers to this inspection.

Make sure that the purchasing date of your serial numbers is correctly set in Rentman. This date is used for determining the inspection dates of your serial numbers.

  1. Go to the Inspections tab of the build Maintenance module.
  2. Double-click an inspection to edit it.
  3. You can add more equipment in the Serial numbers section.
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