Quickly navigate through Rentman

Navigating in Rentman is mostly done using your mouse. However, there are also a lot of keyboard shortcuts that can help you to speed up your workflow. Switching between open tabs, open your search field, or switching between subprojects are just a few of the possibilities. 


Quick Access Menu 

Imagine you’re swamped in work and out of nowhere your colleague wants to know some details about a project and supplies you with a project number. You of course want to switch and navigate to this project fast and easy, look up the information and continue with what you were working on.

Read here how to make use of the quick access menu. 

  1. Press "/" on your keyboard
  2. Enter your search query. The following data sources will be included in the search:   

    Open tabs 
    - Projects
    - Equipment
    - Contacts
    - Invoices
    - Subrentals
    - Crew members
    - Repairs
    - Tasks
    - Vehicles
  3. Navigate to the item by using your keyboard arrow keys
  4. Press Enter to open the item

The shortcut list

Of course, it happens that you can forget what all the different keyboard shortcuts were. To get a list of the current possibilities, click on your name in the top right corner and select keyboard Show/hide shortcuts or simply press "shift + ?".



Global shortcuts can be used in any of the pages in Rentman. See all possibilities below.

  • Open shortcut overview
    shift + ?
  • Quick availability lookup
    Alt + /
  • Log out
    Alt + shift + L
  • Switch between tabs forward
    Alt + `
  • Switch between tabs backward
    Alt + shift + `



Grid shortcuts can be used in screens where a grid is present, such as the start screen of the category  Equipment module, contact_phone Contacts module and build Maintenance module.

  • Add new item
    Alt + N
  • Edit selected item(s)
    Alt + E
  • Duplicate selected item
    Alt + D
  • Delete selected item(s)
    Alt + backspace
  • Select all items
    Alt + A
  • Focus on search field
    Alt + F
  • Open timeline
    Alt + ↓ 

Details view

The shortcuts of the details view can be used when editing an equipment item or adding a crew member for example.

  • Navigate to tab
    Alt + number
  • Close / cancel
    Alt + W
  • Save
    Alt + S


Crew Scheduling Standard
Equipment Scheduling Pro

To navigate between subprojects, use the following shortcuts:

  • Previous subproject
    Alt + shift +
  • Next subproject
    Alt + shift +  ↓ 

Equipment & Crew and Transport tab 

When editing a project in the table_chart Projects module, you can use the following shortcuts in both the Equipment tab and the Crew and Transport tab.

  • Fullscreen toggle
    Alt + enter
  • Plan / add selected item
    Alt + Q
  • Edit group
    Alt + shift + E
  • Duplicate group
    Alt + shift + D
  • Add group
    Alt + G

Equipment tab specific

Equipment Scheduling

For the Equipment tab, there are several extra, specific, shortcuts.

  • Copy selected
    Alt + C
  • Paste selected
    Alt + V
  • Update virtual combination prices
    Alt + Z
  • Update equipment data Alt + J
  • Add comment line
    Alt + O
  • Add temporary item
    Alt + T
  • Assign serial numbers
    Alt + U

Crew planner

Crew Scheduling

In the account_circle Crew planner module, you can use special shortcuts to shift a day forward in planning for example.

  • Shift a day backward
    Alt + ,
  • Shift a day forward
    Alt + .
  • Shift a period backward
    Alt + shift + ,
  • Shift a period forward
    Alt + shift + .
  • Zoom in
    Alt + Z
  • Zoom out
    Alt + shift + Z
  • Open legend
    Alt + H
  • Restore function time
    Alt + R
  • Switch visibility for crew member
    Alt + U
  • Set function planning to visible to crew members
    Alt + shift + U
  • Invite selected items
    Alt + shift + Q


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