Equipment groups

Equipment groups can be used to separate equipment in planning and documents. You can choose how you want to divide the equipment, for instance for different categories (audio, lights), locations (stages, rooms), or time periods.


Setting times for equipment groups

Every group has a planning period (period equipment leaves the warehouse) and usage period (period you charge on the quote).

By default, a new equipment group will take the same planning and usage period as the project. But you can also manually link the equipment group to a different time period.

To change the times for an equipment group:

  1. Double-click on an equipment group to open the pop-up and adjust the times.

Note:Your equipment group's time will not be automatically shifted if you use a time period that is not linked to the times you created when creating the project in case you shift the times of your project.

shift times equipment groups.gif

Rentman Tip: If you use a standard structure of equipment groups, add them to a project template. When you create a new project select the template, so you won't have to create all the groups every time.

Rentman Tip: If you want to automatically order equipment on packing slips per folder structure or warehouse location, set this up in your document templates.

Add a new equipment group

To create a new equipment group:

  1. Open your project and go to the Equipment tab.
  2. Click on  + Equipment group
  3. Enter a name and select a usage and planning period. By default, the usage and planning period are selected.


To edit an equipment group, double-click on the equipment group name.

Examples of equipment groups

Type of equipment:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Rigging

Location of warehouse:

  • Area 1
  • Area 2 

Default equipment groups

Using default equipment groups allows you to easily move planned equipment to its designated default group with a simple action. This means you won't have to select groups while planning or drag and drop equipment afterwards.

You can set the default equipment group for each individual item:

  1. Open an item in the categoryEquipment module
  2. Under Equipment, enter the default equipment group.

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 17.03.17.png

To place equipment in default equipment groups:

  1. Select mceclip0.png  all the items you want to place in their default equipment groups.
  2. Click on More optionsmore_vert button and select "Place in default group".

default equiment groups.gif


Is it possible to create equipment groups without a date?
Yes, you can set a time duration for the equipment group:
  1. Open your project and goto the Equipment tab.
  2. Click on  + Equipment group
  3. Click on a time period and select 'Enter a duration'.
duration equipment group.gif
How can I add remarks to equipment groups?
To add a remark to an equipment group, double-click on the equipment group name. Remarks can be shown in the quotation to describe the equipment group to your customer. Example: use the remark to explain your idea for an area. Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 16.32.17.png
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