What are equipment reservations and how do I use them?

By reserving equipment, you can give "Project A" priority over "Project B" if they both have a shortage of the same equipment item. The items that you reserve will then be confirmed for "Project A" first. In this case, you don't have to worry about the shortage on "Project A" growing even bigger when this item is planned on even more projects.


Reserve equipment for projects in Pending

If the status of your project is Pending, equipment will not be automatically reserved for this project.

You can manually reserve equipment when a project is in Pending status:

  1. Go to the Equipment tab of the project.
  2. Click on "Reserve equipment" on top of the tab.

Reserve equipment for Confirmed projects

When you confirm a project, Rentman automatically reserves all the available equipment. You can also modify this reservation:

  1. Open your project, and go to the Equipment tab.
  2. Select Screenshot_2023-05-25_at_09.12.50.png the item that you want to reserve.
  3. Open the watch_later Timeline.

    In this example, our item is planned on two projects at the same time. In this time period, there are only 3 of our item in stock. However, both of these projects need 2 of our item.
  4. Click the project that you want to reserve equipment for.
    For this example, we will choose Concert.
  5. In the field "Reserved for project", enter the amount of this item you want to reserve.

  6. Click  Save

2 units of this equipment have now been reserved for the project Concert. The "Warehouse stock" bar will reflect this reduction in available stock.

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