In Rentman, you can receive notifications by email, from the mobile app, and from the web.

Notifications are triggered by the following events:

  • Invitations are sent out or replied to
  • Changes to a project (e.g status/client/location changes)
  • Financial updates (e.g. quote is signed, invoice is paid)
  • Tasks (e.g. task is assigned, deadline is expired)
  • Maintenance (e.g. equipment is reported as damaged or lost)
  • Emails are received or fail to send


Check your notification settings


  1. Go to the notification clock and click on settings
  2. In this overview, select for email, mobile app and web which notifications you would like to receive.
  3. Click  Save  at the top of the page.

To make sure you will also receive notifications on your mobile phone for the mobile app, check your notification settings on your phone. You have to allow our application to send notifications to your phone. 

Click here to download for Apple iOS or Android.

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