The following tailor-made solutions can help your team get more out of Rentman.


Customized document templates

Have high standards for your documents? One of our template specialists can take your vision and make it a reality (although not every customization is possible). Most templates take 1-4 hours to complete per template, but we will send you an estimate before beginning.

Custom document templates are built for an hourly rate of €120 or US$150.

Premium Support

Concerned you're not getting the most out of Rentman? With Premium Support, you're assigned a Customer Success Manager (CSM) that proactively ensures you're maximizing your license. Your CSM will be your main point of contact before, during, and (optionally) after implementation.

The CSM acts as a strategic partner: they know the industry and exactly how you can get the most out of Rentman. Together, you will create an implementation plan designed to meet your needs and a structured implementation process that increases productivity and efficiency, while reducing implementation time. You can count on proactive assistance to make sure you accomplish the objectives and goals of your business.

Get additional specialized help, implementation and adoption guidance, coaching, and technical support with the following services:

  • Tailor-made implementation plan: A dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) will be assigned to your account and is the main point of contact before, during and after implementation. In order to achieve success, an implementation plan needs to be designed to detail all critical steps needed to fit your business processes to the software. This personalized, step-by-step implementation plan will help your team understand what is needed from them to reach your goals with Rentman.
  • Adoption, optimization, and maintenance consultation: After implementation, the CSM will focus on the adoption and optimization of Rentman within your company to help you optimally use the relevant Rentman modules.
  • Proactive account advice: Based on a solid understanding of your account needs, your CSM will use a proactive, collaborative approach to providing strategic and technical guidance.
  • Technical assistance: Our technical team is available for companies that run critical workloads, require many integrations, and have a high need for operational efficiency. Save time and increase productivity by consulting on issues like API integration and IT requirements at the maximum of 1 hour/month. Extra hours can be bought separately for a rate of €120 or US$150.
  • Rentman Support Center: Online support center articles for quick access, basic questions and self-training.
  • Reactive support: Regular customer support in Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish and English is available via:
    • Email:
    • Telephone: +31 30 711 6844 between 9AM and 6PM (CET) 
    • Telephone (US): (+1) 647 490-8614 between 3PM and 11PM (CET) only English
  • Inaccessibility report support: For reporting inaccessibility of the product, we are available 24/7.

Premium Support also includes:

  • Discovery session with CSM to determine implementation goals based on your company structure and processes.
  • An implementation plan devised by the CSM and based on your goals.
  • Monitoring and proactive assistance on the progress made.
  • Providing proactive support on using best practices.

Pricing starts at €299,- per month for yearly contract

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